• Top Kuts Barber Shop opened its flagship store in 2011. Operated as a family business by 4 brothers with Wilson being the driving focus behind Mastering the trade. 

    Wilson was cutting hair for many years but became a qualified barber in 2008 because of his passion for others and making men feel more confident in themselves. Back in his home country as a young Boy Wilson would go with his Dad to the local barber and quickly developed a love for the art. He would tell the men in the village he would one day be the best barber they would see, owning his own shop. 

  • The men would laugh and tell him they can’t wait to see this.

    This drove Wilson to learn and master his craft even further, he was determined to succeed and this motivated him to get his own shop once coming to Australia. He took to the art quickly to develop his style and personality with his customers.

    With Wilson Mastering his craft he was able to influence his brothers William, Michael and Muller to become barbers and teaching them everything he knows.

  • With a strong family bond they have successfully grown in to 5 Top Kuts stores and plan to expand further. The culture within their teams is very much like family and the boys in the team always ensure they have a laugh with the customers while providing the best service possible. 

    The Top Kuts Brothers have formed loyal relationships in the communities where their four barber shops are  based, bringing in their personal values, culture and great personalities has turned their businesses in to not only a local success but also global online success as well.

  • With many services offerings being introduced over the years and most recently the baby powder crazy kuts for kids going viral on Tiktok.

    With an online following of over 3 Million across TikTok, YouTube and Instagram we would love you to come in to one of our Top Kuts store and Experience the difference!